Top 5 International Cockfighting Sports Events

International sporting tournaments are held every year to crown the best of the best in a sport. Cockfighting is the same as regular sports, also boasting several international cockfighting tournaments where both local and international cockfighters compete for the top spot. These sporting events take place in countries where cockfighting is legal and accepted. Have a look!

International Cockfighting Events

World Slasher Cup

Dubbed the “Olympics of Cockfighting,” the World Slasher Cup is hailed as the most popular and prestigious cockfighting tournament in the world. Running since 1963, top breeders and cockfighters from around the globe join the World Slasher Cup to try their hand at getting the championship title.

The World Slasher Cup is typically held in Manila, Philippines, and covers about two weeks, with three-day breaks in between.

World Pitmasters Cup

The World Pitmasters Cup is a grand international derby that is known to be one of the biggest in the world. Established and up-and-coming breeders join the competition, all vying for the cash prize of almost a hundred thousand Philippine pesos. The tournament generally fields around more than 330 entrants, and the 9-cock derby takes place over 4 days.

Mega Derby Intercontinental Mexico

Organized by the Asociacion Mundial de Criadores de Gallos de Combate Y Exhibicion in Mexico, the Mega Derby Intercontinental is a series of cockfighting tournaments that aims to promote and strengthen cockfighting traditions all over the world. The tournaments are held in various cities in South America.

The Golden Rooster Tournament

Taking place in Juriquilla, Mexico, the Golden Rooster Tournament invites 18 to 20 of the nation’s most powerful cockfighters to go up against their counterparts from other countries, facing off in a competition of nine roosters. Each team plays three roosters per day, amounting to 54 to 60 fights in a day. The tournament generally runs for 3 days.

Derby de la Revolucion Torneo de Gallos

Taking place annually during November, the Derby of the Revolution is a tournament that is hosted by the city of Irapuato in Mexico. More than 88 competitors, both local and international, play against each other, with prestige at stake. The tournament covers 3 days, with the finals being held on a Sunday.

Final Note

If you want to witness premier cockfighting matches featuring the finest players in the world, international cockfighting tourneys are ones that you should attend. These world-famous sporting events can give you a sense and insight into what it’s like to be a strong cockfighter and have a winning fighting rooster that’s considered the best among the rest.