Top 5 Cockfighting Events You Shouldn’t Miss

Local cockfighting matches are held at any time in places where it is legal and accepted. However, did you know that just like many other sports and activities, there are also major events that celebrate cockfighting?

Think of them as something that’s similar to the Olympics or the Super Bowl. These events can be huge cockfighting tournaments, while some are expos where owners and handlers showcase their prized fighting roosters. Check them out below.

Major Cockfighting Events

World Slasher Cup

The World Slasher Cup is arguably the most popular and prestigious cockfighting event in the world. It is considered as the “Olympics of Cockfighting.” Established in 1963, the World Slasher Cup attracts top breeders and cockfighters from all over the globe, competing for the coveted championship title.

It usually runs for two weeks, with three-day breaks between the pre-finals and finals. Typically, the World Slasher Cup is held in Manila, Philippines.

World Gamefowl Expo

While not a cockfighting tournament, the World Gamefowl Expo brings together thousands of gamefowl enthusiasts, breeders, and suppliers from all over the globe in one 8,000-square-meter space.

The expo features three activity-filled days that highlight champion gamefowl breeders, many animal feed and nutrition companies, gamefowl breeding equipment, accessories, and more for enthusiasts. The event also offers free seminars, raffle draws, and activities for the attendees.

World Pitmasters Cup

Held in the Philippines, the World Pitmasters Cup is a 9-cock international derby that is considered to be one of the biggest derby events in the globe. It serves as a battleground for established and up-and-coming breeders, as well as stag fighters.

In 2019, the derby fielded around more than 330 entrants, hoping to win the almost a hundred thousand Philippine peso cash prize.

NCA World Championship Derby

Hosted by the National Cockers Alliance, the NCA World Championship Derby is a three-day event that features top entries from the US and the Philippines. Cockfighting enthusiasts get to witness entertaining and action-packed battles between top cockers. The event is usually a 9-cock derby.

International Gamefowl Festival

Similar to the World Gamefowl Expo, the International Gamefowl Festival is a trade show that features gamefowl suppliers, sponsors, equipment, feed products, and services that cater to breeders and cockfighting enthusiasts.

Many prominent breeders join the IGF to showcase their winning signature bloodlines. Prizes, games, and raffles are also held throughout the festival days to attract and encourage more attendees.

Final Note

Attending local and community-based cockfighting events can be fun as they allow anyone to bet and watch matches on their own time. Aside from small cockfighting events, there are also huge tournaments where the best of the best compete for the top prize.

If you’re a cockfighting enthusiast, be sure to never miss any major event and witness how cockfighting matches are done on a grand stage.