The Ultimate Guide to Training Roosters for Cockfighting

Training for a fight is essential as it allows the fighter to improve their strength, hone their skills, and be in top shape as much as possible to win on match day. The same goes for gamefowls that will be used in cockfights; they have to undergo training as well to have the upper hand against their opponents in the ring.

Training roosters can be challenging and difficult, requiring a lot of patience and consistency from any handler. While it takes a lot of effort, using the right training techniques and strategies to make your gamefowls stronger and smarter will be worth it on fight day. Here’s a guide on how to train roosters.

How Do You Train Roosters to Fight?

Roosters start being combative at around 4 to 6 months of age and will display this behavior towards older birds and even humans. You can start training cocks as early as that because the earlier you start, the better they will be at learning and responding to the training. To make your gamefowl stronger, here are some tips: 

Exercise Regularly

Exercising regularly is the key to winning cockfights. A regular exercise routine will help keep your fighting cock in top physical condition. Exercise also helps stimulate the mind and helps improve cognitive function. Roosters fight using their beak, claws, and wings, so exercises that focus on those parts and make them stronger are important to do. 

Spar Regularly

Aside from exercising, sparring allows a cock to learn and develop its attack style. Sparring sessions can be tough but by the third and fourth session, you will be able to assess what kind of techniques work to your gamefowl’s advantage.

Have Proper Training Facilities 

Setting your gamebirds on the ground and having them attack random objects is not enough to train them. It’s vital to have certain facilities to ensure that the fowls will be trained properly for them to reach their full potential.

How Can I Make My Rooster Stronger?

To make your gamefowl stronger, you will need to feed it with a balanced diet and train them properly. Feeding gamecocks with a specialized rooster feed can provide them with the energy and nutrition that they need to increase their performance.

A good diet for gamefowl should include fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, quality protein sources such as beef, eggs, fish, beans, and plenty of water. Most of the ingredients for the feed are mixed and soaked together, but proteins such as beef and eggs, need to be cooked before being fed to the cock.

In addition to balanced and nutritious food, a gamefowl’s diet should also be supplemented with vitamins and minerals. There are also those who add crude protein into a rooster’s diet to repair muscle and increase their power.

Because roosters require higher protein and less calcium than laying hens, you will need to feed them with a separate diet. You can feed roosters in a separate pen or raise the feeders so that only the roosters can reach them.

Will Roosters Eventually Stop Fighting?

In cockfights, gamefowls will eventually stop attacking one another if one is already severely injured and cannot get up any longer. There are also other roosters who will stop if they no longer have enough energy to fight their opponent. 

How Do You Stop Fighting Roosters From Attacking Each Other?

You may have heard from other people that you cannot stop gamefowls from fighting as it is their nature but that isn’t true at all. Cocks can live together peacefully and not fight each other by training them. 

First, place any combative bird in its own cage. Then, spread food around the outside of the cage in the chicken yard to encourage other chickens to forage next to the cage in order to be familiar with the rooster and vice versa.

If the rooster tries to posture and try to fight with the flock of gamefowls and while the other birds may respond in return, they can’t engage through the cage.

Final Note

Cockfighting is a blood sport between two trained birds. Numerous countries have outlawed cockfighting, citing it as a form of cruelty to animals but there are also places where this activity is practiced as part of culture and tradition. 

Gamefowls participating in cockfights must be raised and trained properly to win the match. Training can be difficult, but with a lot of patience and effort, you can win big on match day.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best roosters for cockfighting?

Gamefowls are a type of chicken that are bred and trained for cockfights. They are very healthy animals but if they are not taken care of well, they can be susceptible to health problems. 

There are a variety of breeds, and each of them has its own very unique characteristics. Some of the most popular breeds are also the best ones for cockfights, namely Sweater, Kelso, Hatch, Asil, and Radio. Another popular breed is the Shamo which is characterized by its yellow beak and heavily-boned broad shoulders.

Why is rooster fighting illegal?

Cockfighting is illegal in many countries as it is viewed as a form of cruelty against animals. Most roosters on a gamefowl farm live tied to a stake, barrel, or small wooden hut.

Gamefowls are also often injected with steroids and adrenaline-boosting drugs two to three weeks prior to a fight. They are also kept in a small dark box to isolate them from other animals, making them aggressive and depriving them of stimuli and natural behavior.

These gamefowls are then taken to cockfighting rings and are made to combat other birds who have undergone the same, harsh conditions. In most fights, only one rooster survives as the winner while the loser is dead or severely injured. 

Because of the way the birds are raised and as well as the bloody nature of the sport itself, most countries have made cockfights illegal.