The Anatomy of a Fighting Rooster

If you plan on entering a cockfighting match, using just any fighting rooster you come across isn’t a good thing. A good fighting rooster has certain characteristics that make it a formidable bird for combat. Learn more about the anatomy of a good fighting rooster in this article.

Physical Characteristics

The physical characteristics of a fighting rooster matter a lot. Its weight, size, and even its feather quality allow birds to withstand attacks from their opponents.

Muscular birds will also pack a lot of fighting power in them. If a bird looks good physically, it means that it was raised and taken care of properly to ensure that it will be victorious in its fights.

Weight and Size

A good fighting cock should weigh around 2.5 to 3.5kg or 5.5 to 7.7 lbs. It should stand around 40 cm or 16 inches tall. Always look for a cock that is well-proportioned and muscular. It should also have a broad chest and strong legs.


Feather quality is important when it comes to selecting a great fighting rooster. This is because the feathers can show how well a fighting rooster is taken care of. The feathers should be hard and stiff with a glossy sheen.

Longer and more prominent feathers on their neck, back, and saddle should give them an impressive appearance. Additionally, the rooster should have no bald spots and their feathers should be evenly distributed.

Comb and Wattles

Bright red and evenly-sized combs and wattles are signs of a rooster that’s good for combat. If it has a too large or floppy comb, it could be a disadvantage in a fight as it could be easily damaged by the opponent or it may block their vision.

Eye Color

If a fighting cock has bright and clear eyes with a sharp gaze, it’s a sign of a good bird for matches. A dull or cloudy vision could mean that it is ill or weak.


Physical attributes aren’t the only important aspects that one must look for in a good gamefowl. Their temperament highly matters too.

Think about it; if the rooster you have isn’t aggressive or strong, it may end up losing the match right away. Here are some of the traits that an incredible fighting rooster must have.


Fighting cocks are bred for their aggression. After all, this is the quality that makes them eager to fight. Good fighting roosters should be aggressive towards other birds and not against humans.

Strength and Endurance

Of course, a good fighting rooster must be strong and have an immense amount of stamina. These two characteristics are what allow them to keep fighting for longer and eventually gain the upper hand.

Training and conditioning your gamefowls properly can help in improving their strength and endurance.


It is not good to have a fighting cock that runs away at the sight of another aggressive rooster. Any good gamefowl should be fearless and confident, ready to their down their opponent in the ring.


Maintaining focus during a fight is a quality that a good gamefowl should have. It should be able to concentrate and maintain its interest in the match rather than being distracted by what is going on outside the ring.

Final Note

For a fighting rooster to become victorious, it must have a great combination of physical attributes and behavioral aspects that can make it last long in the ring.

Now that you know the anatomy of a good fighting cock, you can make informed decisions and start raising your gamefowl in the right way. Be sure to give it nutritious feed, train it well, and condition it properly so that it will be a winner on game day.