Roosters Rescued From Illegal Cockfighting Ring in Ohio

Police in Youngstown, Ohio rescued eight roosters after uncovering a suspected cockfighting ring during a homicide investigation. According to the report, the roosters were all housed separately, indicating that they are used for illegal cockfighting. Upon rescue, the roosters were taken to Animal Charity, a humane society in Ohio, and were assessed by a veterinarian to ensure their condition.

Jane MacMurchy, operations director at Animal Charity of Ohio stated, “They (roosters) were underweight, they were deprived of food and water. It was sad to see how they were kept.” Six of the rescued roosters are now in the possession of Animal Charity, while the other two have already been adopted.

“It’s an unfortunate situation. Cockfighting is a brutal, painful, terrible form of abuse and neglect that can happen to roosters,” added MacMurchy. She also said that the goal is to find new homes for the birds.

The investigation is still ongoing and no charges have been filed yet.