Police Arrest 6 Suspects Linked to Kidnapping of Cockfighters in Manila

The Philippine National Police (PNP) announced that they have apprehended six people over their alleged involvement in the kidnapping of six missing cockfighters in Manila Arena, Sta. Ana district. According to PNP Chief General Benjamin Acorda, the six suspects were arrested by the Criminal Investigation Detection Group (CIDG) at around 1:45 PM on September 15.

The six suspects were identified as Julie Patindongan, Dondon Mark Carlo Zabala, Virgilio Bayog, Roberto Matillano Jr., Johnry Consolacion, and Gleer Codilla.

According to witnesses, the six suspects were guards at the Manila Arena. The victims were kidnapped back in January this year.

In a press conference, Acorda stated, “We hope that their arrest will give assurance to the families that the PNP have not reneged on their commitment to pursue this case until justice is served.”

The six suspects were allegedly involved in the kidnapping of James Baccay, Marlon Baccay, Claude Inonog, Mark Joseph Velasco, Rowel Gomez, and Rondel Cristorum.

Chief of the regional field unit of the CIDG in Calabarzon Police Col. Jack Malino said that the six suspects had been switching locations to avoid getting apprehended. Eventually, they were arrested in their safe house.

A bounty of 6 million PHP or 1 million PHP each for the six suspects involved in the case was offered by the government. Malinao stated that the reward money would now be given to the informants.

Six counts of kidnapping and illegal detention were filed by the Department of Justice against the six suspects.