Philippine Police Chief Reminds Police Personnel Not To Participate in Cockfighting

Dionardo Carlos, chief of the Philippine National Police (PNP), reminded police personnel not to involve themselves in cockfighting, including the highly popular and highly controversial online sabong (e-sabong). While cockfighting is not illegal in the Philippines, Carlos said that police personnel participating in cockfighting activities “Doesn’t give a good impression on their conduct as law enforcers.”

“The bottom line is, we discourage our personnel from engaging in gambling activities as this does not augur well with their professional and personal values,” he added.

Carlos also mentioned that he dislikes receiving reports of police officers who are spending time and money betting in cockfights or online sabong hubs instead of focusing on their work. He said, “Definitely, we will monitor them. They are not above the law. Once caught, the PNP won’t hesitate to arrest those who are involved in this illicit activity,”

He also emphasized that the PNP had already intensified its drive against any form of illegal gambling with the growth of off-cockpit betting stations. Carlos encouraged the public to report incidents of illegal cockfighting operations through the PNP portal. “The PNP will investigate, validate and take appropriate action regarding the complaint,” assured Carlos.

As for police personnel who will be caught participating in underground operations, the PNP’s Internal Affairs Service (IAS) will handle the investigation to determine the possible administrative liabilities.

Under Presidential Decree 1602, penalties are imposed on individuals who break anti-gambling regulations.

In May, then-president Duterte ordered e-sabong operations to cease immediately following the disappearance of 26 individuals connected to e-sabong.