Online Cockfight Betting Prohibited in Singapore and Malaysia

Southeast Asia has a long history of cockfighting. While cockfights typically occur in person in cockpit arenas, technology has made it possible for cockfighting fans to watch and gamble from their homes via online cockfight betting.

Despite the popularity of online cockfight betting, the activity is illegal in Singapore and Malaysia, two of Southeast Asia’s major economies.

Online cockfight betting has raised concerns regarding illegal activities such as money laundering, fraud, and criminal network funding. Additionally, there are also concerns about social issues such as gambling and the inhuman treatment of roosters.

In 2014, Singapore passed the Remote Gaming Act (RGA) to regulate internet gaming activities. The legislation prohibits all forms of online gambling, including online cockfight betting. Harsh penalties such as monetary fines and jail time await those who participate in activities related to remote gambling. Additionally, the legislation also prevents users from accessing gambling websites and outlaws any financial dealings associated with online gambling.

On the other hand, in Malaysia, the Betting Act of 1953 controls the legal framework for online gambling in the country. The statute makes it illegal to participate in any type of gambling, including activities that take place online. Exceptions to the statute include horse racing and traditional casinos that are physically located in land-based locations. Malaysian authorities may take legal action against any individual caught participating in online cockfight betting.

Online casinos in both Singapore and Malaysia are not allowed to offer online cockfight betting without facing legal consequences. Enforcing the ban on online cockfighting is challenging for both countries though due to the nature of internet platforms. Players are still able to secretly engage in activities with the use of technological tools but are at risk of scams and unfair activities without any form of consumer protection.

Many cockfighting experts believe that if the Singaporean and Malaysian governments legalize and regulate online betting, it could generate tax revenue and economic benefits for communities involved in cockfighting.