Noted Broadcaster Chino Trinidad Embarks on New Venture to Promote Cockfighting

Chino Trinidad, a noted Filipino broadcaster and former commissioner of the Philippine Basketball League has embarked on a new journey and advocacy. He is out to promote cockfighting as a sport, stating that is an “integral part of Philippine culture.”

During the Philippine Sportswriters Association Forum at the Rizal Memorial Sports Complex, Trinidad stated, “Based on history, it’s the oldest sport in our country, and played by our ancestors.”

Trinidad recognized that cockfighting in the Philippines has become a multi-billion industry. He plans on using all avenues including the tri-media, to send the message that cockfighting is “beyond gambling,” instead it is a sport that adheres to honesty.

“From the breeding process, feeds, vitamins, and supplements all the way to the derbies, it truly is a multi-billion industry in the Philippines and a great contributor to the economy. But my ultimate goal is to develop an appreciation of the sport and to present sabong not on the negative side. What we want to preserve here is the sport being part of who we are as Filipinos,” Trinidad said.

He further added, “Cockfighting here was never given the opportunity to be included in mainstream sports like horse racing.”

However, Trinidad stressed that he isn’t a cockfighter. “I am not a cockfighter but a lover of Philippine culture. I’m just fascinated by this industry.”