Legality of Cockfighting in Honduras

Cockfighting is a blood sport that involves two birds dueling to death inside a pit. As cock fighting is highly controversial, its legality varies in different parts of the world. This article discusses the legality of cockfighting in the country of Honduras.

Legal Status of Cockfighting in Honduras

In Honduras, cockfighting, as well as bullfighting, are allowed as they are a part of the national folklore. On the other hand, under Article 11 of Decree no. 115-2015 — Animal Protection and Welfare Act, dog fights, catfights, and duck races are prohibited.

Cockfight events in Honduras are usually held during festivities and religious celebrations. These events are considered an essential part of many patron saint festivals. Men, women, and even children watch cockfights.

Chickens in Honduran Culture

Chickens and roosters are prominent in Honduran culture and folklore. Various expressions in Honduras also incorporate chickens. One common expression is “este es mi gallo,” which literally translates to “This is my rooster.” Originally, Hondurans used this expression to bet on a winning rooster during a cockfight. In recent times, however, the expression is now used to mean something along the lines of “This is mine and it is the best!”

Bottom Line

Cockfighting in Honduras is a part of the national folklore, alongside bullfighting. During patron saint festivals and celebrations, cockfight events are enjoyed by many Hondurans.

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