How To Win in Cockfighting (Offline and Online)

Cockfighting is one of the oldest blood sports in the world. It involves two roosters fighting to the death in a pit while spectators place bets and win or lose, depending on the outcome of the fight. The game may sound simple, but many strategies are involved in playing and betting to become a winner.

In this article, we present to you several valuable tips and tricks you can use in both offline and online cockfighting, how to win, how to place bets, and how you can start earning income through sabong.

How Do You Pick a Cockfight?

Winning in cockfighting is more than just being lucky. There are tips and tricks to ensure that you come out with winnings. One of the first tips that you should know when picking a cockfight is to search for a great breeder/entry owner versus an entry that is seldom to win. 

A good example is to think of it as an NBA game where one contender is a team that is sure to go to the playoffs while the other is one that hasn’t reached the playoffs in years. Having information about who is competing and their current status can give you a great sense of which fights to choose.

What Is Meron and Wala in Online Sabong?

In cockfighting, both online and offline, there are two corners: meron or wala. The rooster on the meron side is the one with a bigger bet or the one favored to win the match. On the other hand, the wala side is designated for the cock with a lesser bet.

How Do You Pick a Fighting Rooster?

There are numerous roosters in a cockfighting roster, and you might be confused as to which one to choose. When it comes to picking a rooster to place bets on, there are a couple of tips you should remember. 

One is to choose the team with a greater number of wins. On any website of online sabong matches, there is usually a trends section with different circles. Red signifies the total number of victories in meron, blue signifies the number of victories in wala, while yellow is the total number of draw games.

Look at which color dominates the trends and place your bet on that side for upcoming matches. The colors also indicate how experienced each side is and prepares you on how to spot profitable markets.

Additionally, before the beginning of any fight, bettors and the rest of the audience are provided with a chance to see and discern which fighting cock is better. Looking at the gesture and appearance of a cock can give you a great chance of winning.

Determine the way they jump, fly, and use their beak, as well as try to gauge their strength, agility, stamina, and if they can still fight even with a couple of injuries. It’s also good to note the shine of the rooster’s feathers to know if the rooster is well-fed and taken care of by its owner or not.

Furthermore, always listen to the statistics of each rooster. Before a fight, the announcers state the statistics of a gamecock which includes weight, wins, losses, and draws. These aspects will help you determine the best rooster to bet on and reduce the risk of losing money.

How Do You Always Win in Sabong?

There are no 100% fool-proof tips for winning in sabong all the time. There are times that you may be lucky, but there are also times when you might be on the short end of the stick. Still, there are tips and tricks that you can do to lower the risk of losing money. 

Spectators are always provided with the chance to see and discern roosters before any fight. It’s important to note which gamecock has a history of wins. It’s also vital to take note of the rooster’s ability to jump and fly, as well as its strength and stamina. You should also be aware of the winning percentage of a certain breeder versus another certain breeder. 

Once you have gathered all the necessary information, you can pick roosters that you favor and bet on their matches. Remember to bet selectively and don’t bet on every fight; your chances of winning will be lower if you place wagers on every match. 

How Do You Always Win Online Sabong?

Luck may not always be on your side in sabong, but there are several actionable tips that you can do to increase your chance to win online cockfighting and start making money. If you’re a beginner, one of the best tips to abide by is to bet after learning.

This means watching games and putting your focus on what is happening in the cockpit. There are websites that offer free games without needing bets, you can use those as practice. Once you feel more comfortable, you can join and view cockfighting websites that allow you to earn money through betting.

It’s also good practice to consider previous data on the rooster. Cockfighting may seem simple but it actually involves a lot of extensive analysis and research. Studying previous data on fights and roosters can benefit you, especially if you’re looking for patterns or trends that might be worth exploring. 

Moreover, studying data allows you to avoid relying on guesswork. Many online bettors like to rely on guesswork. While it is good practice to place bets on a variety of games, don’t just place a wager on a random fight. You cannot afford to lose all your money in one match, which is why guessing and betting randomly is discouraged. 

Once you’ve gained enough knowledge and practice, you can start playing on the best websites and betting to win and earn. Raise your bet steadily and game on various games. Experienced winners will encourage you to place your bets on various games at the same time, raising your chances of getting a win. Remember though, don’t just bet randomly; bet based on data and strategies. 

How Do You Bet on Online Sabong?

Gambling is an inherent part of cockfighting and putting wagers on a favored cock makes the games exciting. Aside from the thrill, many enthusiasts gamble in fights as betting in online cockfighting is easier than betting in in-person games.

The first thing to do is to register an account on your preferred online sabong website or app. Once you have registered, it’s time to deposit money into your account to start betting.

The deposit process is similar in almost all sabong websites or apps. There should be a deposit button somewhere on the interface, click it, indicate the amount of money you’re going to deposit, and then click okay to process. Once you have money in your account, you can begin betting.

To bet, two cocks are assigned to two parties. There is the “meron” side for the favored cock, and the “wala” side for the underdog. Place your bet on your preferred side. Once all bets are placed, the fighting begins. 

How Much is the Minimum Bet in Online Sabong?

If you’re a beginner, one of the best tips to take note of is betting with a small amount of cash. Most platforms allow a minimum bet of PHP 200. 

How Much Do You Win in a Cockfighting Game?

The amount of money you can win in cockfighting depends on the number of wagers and the prevailing odds.

What Is The Winning Percentage in Online Sabong?

There is no certain winning percentage in online sabong. However, if you carefully follow all the tips and tricks as well as have a little bit of luck, you may have a high chance of winning in online sabong fights. 

Final Note

While a lot of sabong is based on luck and fate, there are still ways to ensure that you come out as the winner of a game. We hope that these tips and tricks help you win big in cockfighting, both online and in person. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is online sabong real?

Yes, online sabong is real. It rose to prominence in the Philippines at the beginning of the pandemic as it was easily accessible through the internet. However, as of 2022, online cockfighting has been prohibited by the government.

Is online sabong really live?

Yes, online sabong is live. These cockfights are usually held in private farms and cockpit arenas. Cameras are set up at different angles to capture every single move in the fight. Organizers stream the fights on their respective platforms.

Who is the founder of sabong?

Sabong has no specific founder as the sport existed in the Philippines for hundreds of years already, even before Magellan and his crew arrived.

What is talpak in sabong?

Talpak is a popular term in online sabong. It means “to play” and participants use this term to invite their fellow cockfighters to join in the game.