How to Play Online Sabong – A Definitive Guide

In the Philippines, cockfighting, or sabong as it is locally known is incredibly popular. Not only is it a pastime, but it is almost a way of life for many. The Philippines has a lengthy history with sabong, dating back thousands of years ago.

In fact, the Philippines is where voyager Magellan and his crew discovered the sport of cockfighting and decided to introduce it to the West. 

Sabong activities are typically done in designated cockfighting arenas all over the country. However, in recent years, online cockfighting or online sabong has become increasingly popular.

Also known as e-sabong, online sabong is a type of cockfighting that takes place over the web and mobile platforms where matches are live-streamed and participants place bets as the fights occur, no physical presence in the arena is needed!

If you would like to know how to play online sabong, here is a comprehensive guide for you.

How Is Sabong Played?

Traditional sabong is played by pitting two cocks inside an arena and as they fight, bettors place bets on their chosen rooster and hope for a win. Online sabong is the modern way to enjoy this traditional sport.

It works in a similar way to in-person sabong, only that physical presence in the arena is not needed as everything happens over the internet with the use of a mobile app or a website. You can be sitting anywhere in the world and you can get to play online sabong.

To start playing online sabong, the first step is to download a trustworthy sabong app on your mobile device or open the website of a reputable online sabong organizer. Afterward, you will have to register for an account. Most online sabong sites will not allow you to watch matches or place any bets without an account.

Once you have an account, you cannot play sabong online yet. Almost all online sabong betting websites will ask you to log in and deposit money. The amount of money that you have in your account indicates the number of games that you can participate in.

Most online sabong betting sites offer various methods such as e-wallets, bank transfers, or credit card funding for players to deposit money. Confirm the amount that you deposit and once you find that it’s been loaded into your account, you can start participating in games and placing bets. 

Before sabong players can place bets, the referee will present the two roosters that are set to fight. This is where you and other players will be able to assess the health of the rooster and check out its overall state. All wagers will close when the game begins.

The two roosters are then let go to fight. You can now sit back and have fun watching the game. A referee will always be present to separate or judge the fighting cocks. Each game may last up to 30 minutes. At the end of the online sabong game, the referee will raise the victorious side to proclaim the winner.

What Time Does Sabong Start?

For in-person sabong matches, the time largely depends on the arena and the organizers. For online sabong, a lot of platforms offer live matches 24/7. You can watch online sabong matches and place bets anytime.

How Do I Download Sabong International on My iPhone?

Sabong International is not available for iOS devices. Most online sabong apps are only available on Android. However, don’t worry as there are other online sabong platforms that are available on iOS.

You can still play online sabong even if you have an Apple device. Simply access the site of the online sabong operator that you prefer.

Understanding the Online Sabong Betting Mechanics

Placing bets in online sabong is a little different from betting in offline sabong games. When learning how to play online sabong, players are required to have a thorough understanding of the terms and mechanics. 

Once you understand them, you’ll become more familiar with how to play online sabong and apply your own strategies in order to achieve success.

Meron and Wala

Two roosters that are paired for fights often have contrasting qualities. When it comes to online sabong game betting, there will usually be three sides: Meron, Wala, and Draw.

Meron is for the rooster that has a high chance of winning, Wala is for the rooster that has less experience or is the underdog, while Draw is when the two roosters cannot stand up or continue the game. 

The Meron side in sabong is usually reserved for the rooster that comes from reputable farms or handlers with the best diet and living arrangements. Roosters on the Meron side will usually have their feet taped with red or orange while the Wala side is identified with blue tape.

What Are the Odds in Sabong?

The odds in online sabong betting reflect the likelihood of a particular rooster winning. Knowing the following online sabong betting terms can help you a lot in knowing which rooster has the upper hand or how much more money you can receive if you bet on the correct rooster.

  • Parehas – This means an equal win/loss or that the odds are even.
  • Lo dies – This means that you have odds of 1.25, meaning when you bet 100 PHP, you will receive 125 PHP when you win.
  • Walo-Anim – Betting Walo-Anime means that you have an odds of 1.325, meaning that if you bet 400 PHP, you will receive 500 PHP when you win.
  • Tres – This has an odd of 1.5. Betting 1,000 will net you 1,500 when you win.
  • Sampu-Anim – The odds are 1.6, meaning that your bet of 600 can turn into 1,000 if you win.
  • Doblado – This one simply means double. For example, betting 1,000 will net you 2,000 if your chosen rooster wins the game.

How Much Is the Minimum Bet in Online Sabong?

The minimum wager depends on the online betting website that you will be using. Some sites don’t require a minimum amount in a player’s account, while some ask for as low as 10 PHP. 

How Much Is the Minimum Bet in Sabong International?

On this online site, the minimum deposit in order to play games is 200 PHP.  

What Are the Rules to Play Online Sabong in the Philippines?

If you know how to play sabong offline, then you will have no trouble understanding how to play online sabong.

In order to determine which roosters will face off in an online sabong game, the cocks are matched based on their height, weight, and wingspan, just like in traditional sabong. The referee will assign the two roosters to two sides, Meron or Wala. The Meron side is for the favored cock, while the underdog rooster is for the Wala side. 

Before each online sabong game begins, players can place their wagers on their preferred cock. If the selected rooster wins, players stand to earn money. Generally, the amount of money is a specific sum based on the odds established by the online sabong game organizers. 

Betting will be closed once the game begins. Just like in traditional sabong fights, in online sabong, the roosters are released into the pit and they either attack each other directly or approach one another slowly until one makes the first move. Live-streamed matches offer multiple viewing angles to entertain viewers and allow them to have a closer look at the matches. 

Once there is a clear winner between the roosters, the referee will seize the two birds simultaneously and let the dominant rooster peck the other. The referee will then raise the winning bird to proclaim its victory. 

If your preferred rooster wins, the money you earn will be deposited in your account. You can withdraw your winnings anytime that you want through various e-wallets or other processors like money transfers.

What Is the Secret To Win in Online Sabong?

A lot of people play sabong online not only for fun but to earn extra money as well. While luck plays a part, there are also tips and tricks that you should adopt in order to ensure that you come out as a winner not just once but in many games in the future. Who knows, you can even become one of the numerous professional bettors making a living out of online sabong. 

First, make sure that you select a rooster or a team that already has a proven track record. If you can, do some research on the teams and roosters participating in the game. If you’re not able to research, don’t worry, you’ll still be able to discern which roosters are great to pick.

On the online site of many sabong matches, there is usually a trends section that displays the number of victories of each cock on the Meron side and the Wala side. The total number of draw games is shown as well. You’ll have better odds placing wagers on the color that dominates the online sabong trends. 

You should also take a look at the lineup of roosters and examine their appearance and gestures. Take a close look at the way they jump, fly, and use their beak. Gauge their energy, strength, agility, and stamina. Furthermore, listen to the statistics of each rooster.

Before each online sabong game, the announcers state the statistics of the gamecock, including their weight, wins, losses, and draws. These aspects will help you nail down which cock to bet on.

Another tip that you should adopt is that you should not place wagers on every game. Your chances of winning will be much lower if you place wagers on every online sabong game you participate in. You’ll have better odds if you bet selectively. Also, remember to only gamble what you can afford, especially if it’s your first time.

Final Note

Many individuals enjoy sabong as a form of entertainment but also a way to earn extra income. Some even end up becoming professional bettors once they’ve established themselves in the sport. Traditionally, this blood sport is done in person with enthusiasts flocking to the numerous sabong arenas all over the country. But now, there is a new way to enjoy this sport.

You don’t have to go to a cockfighting arena just to play sabong. With online sabong and an internet connection, you can enjoy sabong games whenever you have free time. Even if you’re in the comforts of your own home or located across the world, you can play online sabong by yourself or with friends as much as you want.

Choose a reputable online sabong site and make sure it is safe for your use. You can also look for an online sabong site that offers promotions and bonuses as those can include better odds, higher payouts, or even bonus game time. 

Don’t forget to adopt certain tips and tricks as well when you play online sabong. When betting, remember to choose a rooster by examining its appearance and gestures, as well as knowing its track record. Always bet selectively, and ensure that your earnings are deposited properly into your account. 

Start playing online sabong today! Have fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is online sabong legal?

In the Philippines, online sabong was initially approved by the government and seen as an industry that generates billions in cash. The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation has long regulated the traditional sport in the country and once online sabong gained in popularity, the organization started regulating it as well.

However, because of the rise in crimes connected to online sabong, then President Rodrigo Duterte decided the immediate termination of all online sabong game operations in the Philippines.

As of press time, while online sabong is prohibited in the Philippines, it is not yet explicitly included in the list of illegal activities penalized under the country’s anti-gambling law. The Philippine National Police (PNP), however, has recommended online sabong betting to be included in the list.

Is online sabong still available?

Online sabong betting games are suspended in the Philippines but you may still find websites and platforms operating outside of the country. Anywhere you are in the world, you will be able to access and enjoy sabong to your satisfaction.