How to Get Into Cockfighting

Cockfighting has been around for centuries, with numerous people practicing and engaging in it over the years. It’s an activity that people join for fun and thrills, while others gain both excitement and income from it.

If you’re someone who recently came across cockfighting, it can feel quite daunting to figure out how to get into it, especially if you’re surrounded by people who have been in the community for years. Worry not, here are some things that you can do to dive into the world of cockfighting.

Tips to Get Into Cockfighting

Trying and getting into new things can be terrifying, especially if you don’t know anyone who is into the activity that you want to be immersed in. Take the following tips to heart and soon, you’ll find yourself engaging in cockfighting with great enthusiasm.

Ensure Cockfighting is Legal in Your Area

Before getting into cockfighting, one thing that you must do is make sure that cockfighting is legal where you live. Certainly, the last thing that you would want to do is to get into an activity that’s illegal in your area and land yourself in hot water with the authorities.

If cockfighting is legal where you are, then by all means forge ahead and get into it. However, if cockfighting is prohibited, it’s advisable to not pursue it. 

Learn About Fighting Roosters

The main characters of any cockfighting match are the roosters themselves. Learning and understanding more about fighting roosters can help you be more engaged with the activity that you’re trying to get into.

It’s similar to trying to get into embroidery and learning about the types of threads, needles, and stitching techniques to have a further understanding of the hobby. 

If you learn more about the different types of fighting roosters, it can help you discern which ones can seem stronger or faster in matches. Of course, other statistics of the rooster matter too but its breed and bloodline are good starting points in picking which one to root for.

Watch Online Matches

These days, almost everything is live-streamed and can be watched online. The same goes for cockfighting matches. There are individuals and groups who live stream cockfight events that are happening in person. If there is no cockfighting event near you or you still feel somewhat nervous going to a cockfighting arena, one of the things that you can do is watch matches online. 

Watching matches can help you have a better grasp of how cockfighting works. It can also become your training ground in getting to know various cockfighting teams and game fowls, as well as have a better idea of betting during fights. 

Attend Cockfighting Events

Of course, the best thing that you can do to get into a cockfight is to attend in-person cockfight events. Watching matches online can be thrilling, but the energy and atmosphere are entirely different when you participate in an activity in person. 

Attending and participating in cockfighting events offline will allow you to have a first-hand experience of cockfighting. Being in an arena lets you look at the game fowls up close, see how the staff work behind the scenes, have a full look at the cockfighting ring, and be in on the action.

Find a Cockfighting Community

Like many sports or hobbies, finding people who share the same interests can help you be more immersed in the activity. Connecting with enthusiasts also allows you to get an in-depth knowledge about cockfighting.

You can make friends and acquaintances too so that you don’t feel alone in your hobby. Everything is more enjoyable when you are surrounded by people who have the same likes and passions as you do.


When it comes to taking a new interest in an activity, everyone starts somewhere. Even if cockfighting has been around for a long time, there are individuals who are just starting to take an interest in it. 

You may feel intimidated, especially when there are people who have been in the hobby for years, but doing a few steps can help make your deep dive into cockfighting easier and much more enjoyable.

Soon, you’ll find yourself becoming more comfortable in practicing cockfighting and maybe in the future, you’ll become one of the experts that new people can look up to.