Cockfighting is a spectator sport where two roosters combat each other inside a pit. In regions where cockfighting is legal, it is a great source of entertainment as the rooster matches can be extremely thrilling. Spectators place bets on their favored rooster to win the match. If their pick loses, they lose money but if their choice of gamefowl comes out on top, money rolls in as well. 

In theory, it’s easy to pick a rooster as you would only need to choose a side. However, in reality, blind picking a rooster isn’t advised as you can end up losing all your bets. There are a couple of strategies that you can adopt in order to determine and pick the winning rooster in a match.

Tips For Picking a Winning Rooster

Placing your bets on a rooster recklessly without considering a lot of factors can be your downfall in cockfighting. Sure, some luck also plays a part in cockfighting but more than that, there are a number of things that you should look into in determining the winning rooster to bet on.

Check Its Form

Before any cockfight, the audience is provided with a chance to observe and discern the fighting cocks participating. During this, you should check the form of the rooster that you want to bet on. Look at how the bird flies, jumps, attacks, and uses its beak.

Make sure to analyze the strength, agility, and stamina of the cock. Knowing stamina is vital as it is the aspect that determines how well the cock can still fight in later matches even if it has sustained hits from its opponent.

Look For the More Aggressive Rooster

The aggressiveness of a rooster is something that you should keep an eye on too. Gamefowls are born and raised to be aggressive, and they will attack without hesitation if they see an opponent. If you see that the rooster seems hesitant or not aggressive, there are chances that it is a slow starter or that it has not been trained well.

Picking the more aggressive rooster will give you the upper hand as it is able to hit the first strike in many instances. In a lot of cases, a single hit is enough to subdue the opponent.

Assess Its Physical Appearance

You should also check its physical appearance. Roosters with shiny feathers mean that they are well-fed and are taken care of. If you see that the rooster doesn’t have shiny feathers, it could be a sign that it has already fought or it might not have been handled well and the bird is not in the best condition to win.

Check the rooster’s face as well. If the cock has a pale red face, it may be an indication of dehydration or tiredness and may lose the match. 

Pay Attention to Track Record

Another one that you also need to do is to listen well for the background and statistics of the rooster. Before any fight, the announcers state the statistics of the gamecocks participating. This includes its type, weight, and win-loss (and draw) record. Knowing the statistics can help you determine the better rooster to place your wager on. 

If you have time before the cockfight event, you can also research the owners/teams participating to know which ones have a lot of wins under their belt and to know how they raise and train their roosters. Going with the rooster of a team that has a good track record can increase your odds of winning. 


Participating in cockfights can be exciting, especially if you’ve placed a wager in a match. Picking between two roosters seems easy, however, if you place your bet on a rooster without knowing anything about it, you might as well throw your money down the drain.

Instead of relying on pure luck, minimize your chances of losing by employing strategies to determine the better cock and ensure that you come out of the cockfighting arena as a winner.