How to Bet in Online Sabong

In the Philippines, cockfighting, locally known as sabong, is extremely popular. It has an extensive history in the country, even predating the arrival of the colonizers. Sabong is deeply tied to Philippine culture and is practiced in almost every region. 

In sabong, two roosters fight in a cockpit until one of them is subdued due to injuries or death. Spectators watch the fight and place bets on their preferred rooster. If the preferred cock wins, individuals get to take home an amount of money. 

Sabong online betting is a popular form of pastime in the Philippines. Many individuals have taken a liking to sabong online betting as they only need mobile devices or computers to watch matches, bet, and earn winnings. 

If you’re getting into sabong but have no idea how betting online works, here’s a guide for you.

How Does Sabong Work?

Cockfighting or sabong is one of the oldest bloodsports in the world. It involves two cocks fighting to the death in a pit. The audience then bets on the rooster that they think will win. Sabong games may sound simple but they actually involve several strategies when playing and betting to ensure that one becomes a winner.

Many countries have prohibited cockfighting, stating that it is a form of cruelty against animals. There are still areas in the world where it is practiced. In the Philippines, sabong is legal. Under Decree No. 449 signed by then-President Ferdinand Marcos, betting on traditional sports such as sabong should be regulated and approved by the government. 

Sabong betting is highly popular in the Philippines, practiced almost everywhere, particularly in the countryside. During special occasions and fiestas, sabong is hosted as approved by the local government units. These sabong fights typically occur in a local cockpit arena where spectators gather. Betting managers or Kristos use hand signals to communicate with spectators. 

Online cockfights or e-sabong rose to fame during the height of the pandemic. In e-sabong, bettors sign up on sabong online betting sites and watch live-streamed matches and bet on their preferred roosters. If their chosen cock wins, they receive an amount of money in their sabong online betting account.

How Do You Play Online Bets?

Sabong betting online is much easier compared to betting in offline sabong matches. With online betting, you don’t need to master the hand signals that are used in in-person betting. Furthermore, compared to other sports, there are no complicated probs in sabong online betting. 

Sabong online betting is also more convenient as you don’t have to be physically present in the arena to make a bet. All you need to do is to visit a legitimate sabong online betting website using a computer or mobile device. Once you select an online sabong betting site, simply register and create your account.

Most sabong betting sites will ask you to deposit a minimum amount of money after creating an account. This money will be used for watching and betting on sabong matches. While the majority of sabong online betting sites will ask for an initial deposit, there are also betting sites that don’t require a minimum deposit.

Those sabong betting sites are best for individuals who are practicing or still trying to get into the hang of cockfighting. After depositing money into your account, you can now start betting on sabong events on your chosen platform. 

Similar to in-person matches, sabong online betting fights assign the roosters to two sides: Meron or Wala. The Meron side, also referred to as “Llamado”, is the crowd favorite, the rooster that is tipped to win. The Wala side, also known as “Dejado” is the underdog of the fight and is often perceived as the one whose chance of winning is lower.  

There are also the draw and both to die sides, but these are rare outcomes. A draw is where both roosters are too exhausted to continue and the referee stops the sabong match. On the other hand, implied in its name, the both to die side is where both roosters die. 

Like regular sports betting, putting a wager on the Meron or Llamado side gives you more chances of winning the bet but the payout is much lower. On the other hand, if you want to take a risk but have a better payout, the Dejado or Wala side is the one you should bet on. Some bet on a draw as it comes with big odds.

Is It Legal to Bet on Sabong in the Philippines?

Sabong betting in the Philippines is legal. It is supported and protected by the Philippine government under Decree No. 449.

Is Online Cockfighting Still Available?

Cockfighting online betting in the Philippines is prohibited but there are betting sites that are operating outside of the country, all of which are accessible to everyone. 

If you want to experience sabong betting, you can still do so by participating in local derbies and popular sabong tournaments. Derbies are regularly hosted in local cockpits and arenas. You will need to be physically present for these derbies and compared to sabong online betting, the manner of betting in local derbies may not be as streamlined. 

If you prefer to wager large odds and win bigger prizes, it’s best to participate in popular derbies such as the World Slasher Cup and World Pitmasters Cup.

The World Slasher Cup is an international derby held twice a year and it attracts thousands of participants. The Pitmasters Cup is another international tournament and it’s made up of nine cockfighting derbies where teams from around the world participate. It is a seven-day tournament with a large prize pool that attracts a great deal of supporters and bets. 

What Are Popular Sabong Online Betting Sites?

Since sabong online betting in the Philippines is prohibited, many platforms have ceased operations and shut down. However, there are still a lot of other sports betting options across the globe which offer sabong betting. 

If you want to start betting on sabong online, it’s best to find a site that is legitimate and reputable. Using an unregulated sabong betting site can be difficult, especially if you encounter an issue during a game. You may even end up losing your cash instead of having earnings. 

With that said, here are some recommended sites to bet on sabong online:


This platform is one of the best sites that you can use to bet on sabong. While it focuses on casino games and sports betting, it also has a section for sabong betting. It even gives a 300% deposit welcome bonus to players.

Bets can be funded through various e-wallet and bank options, and the withdrawals are quick as well. Best of all, this popular sports betting app is available to download on both iOS and Android devices.


If you’re just starting to bet on sabong and you’re unsure if you want to spend a big amount, 22Win is the platform for you. While it’s a popular sports betting app, 22Win has a section for players to bet on sabong. You can make bets as little as 100 PHP.


One of the leading sites to bet on sabong online, W19 is easy to use and offers support to players via Facebook and Telegram. Aside from sabong, you can make bets on various sports as well. The only downside of W19 is that it doesn’t have any live-streaming features.

How Much Is the Minimum Bet in Online Cockfighting?

The minimum wager depends on the sabong online betting website that you will be using. Some sabong betting websites ask for an amount as low as 10 PHP, while there are other sabong betting platforms that ask for 200 PHP as a minimum bet. There are also online betting apps and sites that don’t require a minimum bet to watch matches.

What Are the Odds in Sabong?

The payouts under the online cockfighting betting system depend on the odds. The odds also reflect the likelihood of a particular rooster winning the game.

Sabong online betting in the Philippines uses several betting terms and knowing them can help you a lot in determining the winning rooster. Here are the betting terms that you will need to familiarize yourself with: 

  • Parehas – This means that the odds are even.
  • Lo dies – The odds are 1.2, meaning if you bet 100 PHP, you will receive 125 PHP when you win.
  • Walo-Anim – The odds are 1.325. This means that if you bet 400 PHP, you will get 500 PHP when you win.
  • Tres – The odds are 1.5. Betting 1,000 will give you 1,500 when you win.
  • Sampu-Anim – Bettors who bet with this have odds of 1.6, meaning that their bet of 600 can turn into 1,000. 
  • Doblado – This means the odds are double. For example, bettors who bet 1,000 will receive 2,000 if their chosen rooster wins the game.

How Do I Choose a Bet in Sabong?

Betting on sabong is generally conducted in several stages. These stages allow bettors to examine and choose which cock they will bet on.

The first phase is called the “Ulutan”, where the participating fighting cocks are paired based on their physical attributes such as weight, height, and wingspan. Many experts and enthusiasts agree that this stage should influence a person’s bets in sabong online betting. 

The Ulutan phase is done in the spirit of fairness, which is critical for any individual who follows sabong betting. This is also the stage where the roosters are equipped with gaffs. Additionally, the Ulutan is where sabong betting enthusiasts can inspect the roosters participating in matches. In an in-person cockfighting match, the Ulutan is done in a dedicated area in the cockpit arena. 

The second phase in sabong online betting is the “Ruweda”. This is the stage where the owners or breeders of the two roosters participating in the fight will stand inside the cockfighting ring. The referee will then explain the mechanics, as well as the statistics of the two roosters, all of which are important for the participants in sabong online betting. 

Before the match begins, the handlers will hold both cocks close to each other until such time that they start pecking. This shows which of the two roosters is more aggressive and in turn, it can serve as critical information for which fighting cock to bet on.

How Do You Win a Bet on Sabong?

There are a number of strategies that you can adopt to bet on sabong and come out as a winner. It may not be possible to win every single game but you can definitely increase your chances in different matches by using a few tricks.

First, make sure to select a team and a rooster that has a good track record. On a lot of sabong online betting platforms, there is a trends section that displays the number of victories, losses, and draw matches of each rooster. The wins, losses, and draws are indicated using the colors red, blue, and yellow respectively. Your odds will be much better if you put bets on the color that dominates the trends.

Before you bet on sabong fights, make sure to examine the lineup of roosters as well and take a closer look at their appearance and gestures. The way they jump, fly, and use their wings can be indicative of their performance in matches. 

Furthermore, before each sabong betting game, the referee announces the statistics of each rooster. Be sure to listen closely as these aspects can help you determine the rooster that will most likely come out on top.

Once you have all the necessary information needed, you can pick the roosters that you favor and bet on sabong matches that they are in. Remember to make bets selectively and don’t bet on every match. Your chances of being victorious will be much lower if you make bets on every match you see.

Final Note

Sabong is a popular sport in the Philippines, regulated by local government units all over the country. In this sport, two roosters fight until one of them is down due to injuries or worse, death. Sabong generally takes place in local cockpit arenas where players gather to watch and bet. In offline sabong matches, betting managers use hand signals to communicate with bettors. 

Sabong has also transitioned online, making the sport even more accessible to everyone. Betting is also quicker online. There are no complicated hand signals; instead, there are simple betting terms that are easy to remember. When betting on sabong online, make sure to only use legitimate platforms so that you don’t lose money and earn more instead.