How Much Does a Fighting Rooster Cost?

People raise roosters for different purposes. A lot commonly use them to fertilize hens, but there are also those who raise them for the purpose of cockfighting.

When you watch a cockfight, you may have wondered at some point, how much does a rooster cost? After all, roosters are the main stars of cock fighting matches and the sport takes its name from them. 

It can be easy to make up an estimated value of a rooster but the truth is it is not as simple as it may seem. If you’re considering buying roosters to raise them for fights or egg fertilization and you’re wondering how much they cost, here’s an article for you.

How Much Is a Rooster Worth?

The cost of a rooster can vary greatly depending on several factors such as its breed, use, age, and the like. Prices vary but generally, the average cost of a rooster is around USD 5 to USD 30. Below is a more detailed breakdown of how much different types of roosters can cost:

How Much Is A Full-Grown Rooster Worth?

The buying cost of a young rooster is USD 3 to 5, but for a full-grown rooster to be used for egg fertilization, expect to pay USD 10 to USD 30. More valuable roosters can be priced higher, going as far as USD 1,500. 

A full-grown rooster can also be sold with pullets and young or other mature chickens. They’re sold as a set of pairs or trios and their price can start at USD 300 up to USD 1,300.

Fighting Rooster Price

“How much does a rooster cost?” is a question that is heard from individuals who want to go beyond being a spectator at cockfighting matches and becoming a cockfighter as well. 

According to local breeders from North Central Alabama, game fowls such as Roundhead, Claret, Pure Butcher, Pure Lemon Hatch, Dark Red Hatch, and Silver Grey are likely to cost around USD 250 to USD 350 per pullet, with sets of two or three roosters being priced between USD 500 to USD 700. Quality Old English Game birds are likely to have an average price of USD 50 to USD 120. 

In Mississippi, both young and older roosters, different stags, pullets, and trios will cost around USD 300 to USD 1,500. For hybrid roosters, the cost can go anywhere from USD 200 to USD 300.

Rare Breeds Rooster Price

Rare breeds are a bit more than the average rooster cost. On average, a mature rooster from a rare bloodline is available for the price of USD 150 to USD 500. A newly-hatched chicken of the same breed sells for about USD 50. Rare, pure-breed varieties of gamefowls may cost up to USD 1,500 or even more.

Exhibition Rooster Cost

Purebred roosters are usually chosen for exhibitions as their quality can meet high standards. Their appearance is highly valued, particularly their color, pattern, and shape. A larger rooster will be more expensive than a smaller one of the same breed. How much does a rooster for exhibitions cost, you may ask? It can go anywhere from USD 200 to USD 800.

Factors That Affect the Price of Fighting Roosters

There are a couple of factors to take into account when determining how much a rooster costs. Prices differ because of age, bloodlines, and the source of the rooster. Here’s a more in-depth look into the elements that affect the cost of roosters:


The standard age of a healthy rooster is between 7 to 8 years. A mature rooster is priced higher than a younger rooster. For example, a quality Old English chick will cost less than USD 10 while a fully-grown Old English Game rooster can cost hundreds of dollars.


Pure breeds cost more compared to cross-breed roosters. This is because pure-breed roosters are more valuable as they are used for exhibitions, shows, and fighting competitions which have high standards and place importance on the shape, color, and aesthetic appearance of the birds.

A hybrid or unregistered rooster may sell lower at the price of under USD 100 or even less than that.


How the rooster is obtained influences its price as well. Roosters bought directly from breeder farms can cost less than ones bought online, especially if shipping costs are high. If you source your roosters online, their price can go up about USD 10 or 20 due to the shipping cost.

If you buy roosters online, make sure to seek a reputable breeder. Any reputable breeder will have a health guarantee for the rooster as well as a shipping crate to ensure its safety. Additionally, ask the breeder several important questions regarding the rooster. Since you are not there to observe the roosters in person, ask the breeder questions such as: 

  • What breeds do you have for sale?
  • How safe are the roosters from bird diseases?
  • Do you have a minimum order amount?
  • How do you deliver the roosters?
  • What are the dangers of shipping live birds?
  • How long will it take for the live roosters to get to my location? 

Most breeders ship live poultry through the United State Postal Service Priority Shipping but other local dealers may have other means of shipment.

Extra Costs When Raising Roosters

Aside from the rooster cost, there are also a number of things that you have to consider when raising them. After all, you can’t just buy a rooster and be done with it there; you have to raise it well and ensure that it is living in the best conditions. If you’re raising a fighting rooster in particular, you will also have to train it and make sure to give it a nutritional diet.

Here are some factors to consider when raising roosters, and keep in mind that these things can come at an extra cost:


First and foremost is the rooster feed cost. Buying chicken feed from your local feed store may cost around USD 0.30 to USD 0.50. Any healthy rooster can eat up to two pounds of feed per week.

Aside from the amount of chicken feed that you need to spend, you should also consider supplements and nutrients required to boost the growth and weight of your rooster. Adding everything up, the feed cost can go up to USD 10 to USD 20 per month.

You can also lower feeding costs if you have a large area where roosters and hens can roam around freely. A free-range rooster will move around and eat grass and you won’t have to give it a lot of additional food.

Chicken Coop

The size of the chicken coop that you will need depends on the size of the flock that you are planning to have and raise. If you’re only raising a few roosters, you can build a small enclosure which can cost around USD 500. If you want to save money, you can do so by using recycled materials to build a reasonably-sized coop.

If you’re planning on raising a larger flock, a large-sized fancy coop can set you back around USD 2,000 or even more. Aside from the cost of building the chicken coop, the price of bedding, feeder, waterer, nest boxes, and perches should also be considered.


Other rooster-related costs include coop repairs, wood chips, water bottles, and more. These can easily add up to more than USD 50 per month.

What Is the Most Expensive Fighting Rooster?

The most expensive fighting rooster in the world is the Ayam Cemani. This rooster can cost anywhere from USD 2,500 to USD 5,000. An Ayam Cemani hen only lays two eggs per week, making it a total of 80 to 100 eggs in a year.

There are even times when it stops laying after producing 20 to 30 eggs. It will take months before it starts to lay eggs once more. Its inconsistent and unreliable ability to produce eggs is the biggest contributor to its price.

What Is the Price of a Black Fighting Rooster?

The Ayam Cemani is a rare breed of fighting rooster that is nicknamed the “Lamborghini of Poultry” not only for its price tag but also for its striking features. Ayam Cemani roosters are pure black in color from their feathers all the way to their beaks, skin, bones, organs, and even meat. Their color is a result of a genetic condition called fibromelanosis, a form of hyperpigmentation that results in a high concentration of melanin. 

As a rare breed, an Ayam Cemani rooster can be extremely expensive, pricing as high as USD 5,000. They are also difficult to acquire as there are only about 3,500 specimens in existence. Most Ayam Cemani roosters originate from Indonesia, but they can also be found in Europe. 

Final Note

“How much does a rooster cost?” is an easy question to ask but difficult to answer. A lot of factors can affect the price of a rooster and these include its age, breed, source, and its purpose. They can go anywhere from USD 10 all the way up to USD 1,500, particularly if you are searching for rare, pure-breed mature roosters. 

If you are getting a rooster shipped to you, ensure that you are following local laws when it comes to shipping live poultry so that you don’t get in trouble with the authorities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best rooster for cockfighting?

Popular fighting roosters are almost always considered the best breeds to use in cockfighting. These are the Kelso, Peruvian, Hatch, Asil, Radio, and American Game.