Cockfighting is a sport where two roosters are placed in a pit and are made to fight. This ancient sport enjoys popularity in a couple of regions across the world, but there are also countries where it is prohibited. This sport is one that is very much ingrained in Philippine culture.

Online sabong or e-sabong is the modern version of cockfighting that allows enthusiasts to watch and participate in matches via digital platforms. Thanks to technology, the online cockfighting industry has gained a huge following for being a convenient and accessible way to engage in cockfights.

Online cockfighting platforms utilize live streaming technology to broadcast real-time fights, allowing viewers to watch and bet on computers or mobile devices.

How to Play Online Sabong

To participate in online cockfights, one must register on a reputable platform. The registration process usually involves creating an account, providing the necessary details, and agreeing to the platform’s conditions.

Once registered, participants can access the platform’s features and explore its offerings. Some sites will ask a new account holder to deposit a minimum amount of money first before allowing one to access a fight or place wagers. 

Online cockfight platforms offer a wide range of betting options to cater to a variety of preferences and budgets. The website or app typically provides detailed information about each match as well as the participating roosters, including the win-loss record, breed, weight, and other records. Knowing the statistics of the gamecocks helps players make informed betting decisions.

Players no longer need to be present at a cockpit to watch matches as these are broadcasted live on the platform. Viewers are treated to multiple angles to clearly see the battle. Some platforms have additional features such as live commentary and instant replay.

Placing bets is also much easier compared to offline cockfights that make use of hand signals for betting. Many websites and apps offer various betting types, and they also usually display the current odds and potential payouts for each type. This allows players to make bets accordingly.

If the player’s bets align with the results, they receive a payout proportional to the odds assigned to their chosen cock. The payout is then credited to the player’s account and they can later withdraw the winnings via an online wallet or through their bank account.

How Do You Win a Bet on Sabong?

Luck plays a huge part in cockfighting but knowing a few tricks also greatly helps in ensuring that you come out a winner. It may not be possible to win every single game but you can increase your chances by having a couple of strategies.

First, select a rooster or team with a good track record. Generally, the one with a good track record is the crowd favorite because of its form or breed. The statistics of each rooster are also announced or displayed before a match. Additionally, examine the form of the rooster as well as its gestures. 

Once you have all the necessary information needed, you can pick the rooster that you favor and put bets on the matches that they are in. Remember to only place bets selectively and do not wager in all games. Your chances of winning will be much lower if you make bets on every match you see.

How Much Is the Minimum Bet in Online Sabong?

The minimum bet depends on the sabong betting platform that a player will be using. There are websites that have a minimum wager of 10 PHP, while some sites ask for 200 PHP. Some platforms don’t require a minimum wager at all.

How to Win Online Sabong Tips?

Always select a rooster that has a great winning record. You can also go for teams or handlers that have proven winning records. Pay attention to the trends section on cockfight platforms as they display the number of victories and losses of each rooster. Study its traits as well as its appearance because these can also help you determine which one will be the winning cock.

Is Online Cockfighting Gambling?

Yes, online cockfighting is a form of gambling. Players place bets on their favored rooster and if they win, the prize money is divided between the bettors. Many individuals prefer to play online than go to in-person cockfighting as it is easier to watch matches and place bets. They also don’t have to be present in the actual cockfight venue just to watch the action unfold.

Is Online Sabong Still Operating?

The online sabong betting system in the Philippines has been on suspension since May 2022. There are still online cockfighting platforms operating outside the country, allowing anyone in the world to access and enjoy cockfights to their satisfaction.

Is Online Sabong Legit in the Philippines?

Many online sabong betting system platforms in the Philippines are legit but currently, their operations are suspended due to an order from the government.

Who Is the Owner of Online Cockfighting in the Philippines?

There are a lot of owners and operators of e-sabong websites in the country.

Final Note

Online sabong offers cockfight enthusiasts an easier and more modern way to participate in the sport. With most platforms offering live streaming, interactive features, and various betting options, it’s no wonder that cockfight enthusiasts now prefer online cockfights to the traditional way.