Fighting Roosters, Cockfighting Effects, and Firearms Recovered From Riverside County Residential Properties

Two Riverside County residences were searched by the authorities last Wednesday, August 9. Three live roosters, seventeen rifles, a gold and silver trophy depicting a rooster, and cockfighting paraphernalia were recovered from the properties.

Gang Task Force Officers served search warrants at the residences in the 52000 block of Calle Leandro in Coachella and the 81000 block of Avenue 46 in Indio at around 2 P.M. According to the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office, three fighting roosters were found in cages in the backyard of the Coachella residence.

Aside from the roosters, seventeen illegally possessed firearms were also found at the property, including a rifle that was previously reported stolen. Officers also found cockfighting paraphernalia such as gaffs, which are sharp blades attached to a rooster’s leg during a cockfight.

A 30-year-old Coachella man and a 27-year-old Indio man were arrested on multiple charges, including animal cruelty.

Kerri Mabee from the Riverside County Department of Animal Services reported that the roosters were euthanized later on, stating that “they are not considered safe as pets once they have been trained to engage in a cockfight.”