Drone Footage Used by Authorities to Bust Illegal Cockfighting Ring

Animal rights group Showing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK) helped to stop an illegal cockfighting ring in Delaware. The group flew a drone over a farm that was suspected of hosting cockfights. In the footage, a cockfight was shown to be in progress with a large group of spectators, including children, in attendance.

SHARK alerted the local police who then obtained a search warrant for the property. They arrested Billy and Andrea Keen and charged them with a felony count of possessing an animal for fighting. Additionally, Andrea Keen was charged with a felony count of being present for animal fighting.

It is unclear if any members of the crowd were arrested or charged. Most of the crowd scattered when police and animal welfare officers arrived at the scene.

Watching, participating, or gambling on a cockfight constitutes as a felony in Delaware.

SHARK has helped expose other cockfighting organizations through similar actions. The group flies drones over farms of suspected cockfighting rings. Previously, SHARK has exposed cockfighting in Alabama and Kentucky.