Coffee Table Book Based on the Life of Champion Filipino Gamefowl Breeder Launched

A contemporary cockfighting book centered on Leandro Diaz Enriquez, popularly known as Biboy, was launched in San Mateo, Rizal, Philippines.

Authored by veteran writer and publisher Melandrew Velasco, the book titled “Biboy: The Inspiring Story of Leandro Diaz Enriquez” is a tribute to the long-time cockfighting enthusiast Biboy who hogged the limelight during the ’70s and ’80s. Biboy was often photographed with scions of wealthy families and beauty queens.

As a child, Biboy first witnessed cockfighting through their family driver. He became interested in the sport and would find time to watch cockfights at the La Loma Cockpit. However, his interest in cockfighting took a back seat as he focused on helping his parents with their family restaurant and hotel business.

Now an octogenarian, Biboy’s popularity has not waned. No other name is as famous as Biboy in the Philippines’ cockfighting industry. On his 26-hectare land in Tanay named Firebird Gamefarm, Rizal, Biboy breeds gamefowl bloodlines that are ranked among the best in the country.

Biboy is also the top endorser of Tatak Excellence Poultry and Livestock Specialist Inc., whose top-notch products are manufactured and distributed in the industry.

The coffee table book chronicles Biboy’s growing up years in Quezon City, and his years as a business executive and hotelier at Silahis and Sulo hotels. It also details his life as the founder of Mutya ng Pilipinas and Asian Pacific pageants, as a franchisee of the Playboy Club of the Philippines, and his pursuit of cockfighting.

Biboy had given up his career in the hotel, restaurant, and tourism industry to pursue his passion for cockfighting, making him one of the Philippines’ popular cockers. Today, aside from breeding gamefowls and developing champion bloodlines sought after by cockfighting enthusiasts and breeders alike, Biboy also joins expositions to promote cockfighting and the gamefowl industry.

The book also features cockfighting which has remained popular throughout the Philippines and other parts of the world. The prospect of the gamefowl industry is also tackled in the book as cockfighting evolves with the rapidly changing information and communication technologies that have given rise to e-sabong or online cockfighting.