How To Make Cockfighting Gaffs

Curve-shaped blades called gaffs are legal to use in cockfighting. These sharp weapons are seen as implements that raise the stakes of any cockfighting match. The art and process of making a gaff is a complicated road that takes an artisan a length of time…

What are the Rules of Cockfighting?

Cockfighting can be easily described as a blood sport where two roosters combat to death inside a pit. While it may seem easy enough to understand at face value, just like any other sport, cockfighting has its set of rules and regulations. Read all about…

What is Sabong?

Cockfighting is on an entirely different level in the Philippines. Locally termed sabong, the blood sport is considered a national pastime with millions of Filipinos participating in it every day. In this article, we’ll be going on a deep dive about sabong and what makes…

Countries Where Cockfighting is Illegal

In some countries, cockfighting is seen as a part of culture and tradition. However, in other parts of the world, cockfighting is seen as a barbaric sport against roosters. In this article, we rounded up the countries where cockfighting is outlawed and a punishable offense.

Legality of Cockfighting in Spain

Cockfighting is highly controversial all over the world. Due to that, some countries have outlawed it, while others have upheld the sport citing culture and tradition. Like most of Europe, Spain prohibits cockfighting but this law exempts two regions.