Cockfighting Ring Busted After Accidental 911 Call

Authorities in Valencia County, New Mexico busted a cockfighting ring after an accidental 911 call was made in the area. According to the deputies, someone unintentionally called 911 and hung up. While a deputy tried to contact the original caller, individuals in the area began to scatter.

Deputies, as well as officials from the New Mexico State Police, made their way to the backyard and discovered rows and rows of cages. Alongside the cages was a canopy-covered cockpit.

“There are several dead roosters — Oh, the burn pit is full of them,” one of the officers said after inspecting the area.

Manuel Aragon, the homeowner, agreed to talk to the deputies. In the footage released by the officials, Aragon denied being the organizer, stating that someone asked him to host the cockfights. However, after a while of cracking jokes with the officers, Aragon eventually admitted that it was his doing.

Aragon was only charged with one count of cockfighting, which is a petty misdemeanor.

Cockfighting is prohibited in all 50 states. Despite the ban, New Mexico is known as a hub for illegal cockfighting.