Andhra Pradesh Police Host Sport Events to Divert Attention from Cockfights

Police in Andhra Pradesh, India, are trying to divert the attention of villagers away from cockfights by conducting various games and sports events. Despite the attempts, organizers of cockfights are busy preparing cockfight arenas, auctions, and liquor sales across the state.

Cockfighting is prohibited in India, however, the activity remains prevalent on the rural coast of Andhra Pradesh, especially during the Sankranti Festival.

It is reported that many politicians gave the green signal to organize not only cockfights but also various gambling activities at the cockfight venues. Punters also stated that the betting would be more this time than in the previous two years, predicting that it may cross Rs 400 crore (USD 48,898,280).

The West Godavari police have rounded up more than 3,700 people and seized around 4,117 rooster knives. Around 355 people who were involved in rooster fights over the past few years were also served notices.

East Godavari SP M Ravindra Babu stated, “We are promoting sports such as volleyball, cricket, kabaddi and others under ‘Sampradaya Sankranti Kreedalu’. Women constables are creating awareness among the women in villages.” The police in East Godavari have also already destroyed 35 big arenas.