Alleged Cockfighters in Letcher County Plead Not Guilty to Cockfighting Charges

In July of this year, six people in Letcher County, Kentucky were indicted following a cockfighting investigation at a facility in Isom. Cockfighting is illegal in the state of Kentucky.

The indictments were handed down following a year-long investigation. Charges include violations of the Animal Welfare Act, exhibiting animals in a fight, and causing a child under 16 to attend an animal fighting venue.

The six people indicted, namely Robert Dwayne Baker, Brandon Honeycutt, Chris Prater, Virgil Saylor, Tina Miller, and Henry Locke, have all pleaded not guilty to the counts they face.

The indictment further details that Baker conspired with Saylor and Miller to hold weekly cockfight, while Honeycutt worked as a referee. The charges they received are punishable by up to five years in prison, apart from taking a child to a cockfight which has a maximum sentencing of three years.

The trial is scheduled for September 25.