Active Cockfight Busted by Police, 50 Chickens Saved by Bucks County SPCA

Over the weekend, Bucks County Police raided a property along the block of N. Easton Road in Doylestown and busted an active cockfight. Officers from the Plumstead Township Police Department found about 25 people attending an ongoing cockfight at a ring built inside a two-car garage.

From the police’s statement, the crowd immediately scattered but the authorities apprehended one man, Cesar Cordova-Morales, 21, of Oxford.

According to the police, Cordiva-Morales, allegedly, “was carrying a satchel containing several bottles of steroids, cutting instruments, string, artificial metal spurs, spur covers, and other items commonly used in cockfighting.” He has been charged with animal fighting offenses and he is being held in custody at the Bucks County Jail on USD 50,000 bail.

The Bucks County SPCA were called to the scene as well. After the arrest of Cordiva-Morales, the SPCA arrived and discovered two roosters, both bloodied from the recent fight. The SPCA officers also found an additional 44 roosters, hens, and pullets kept in cages and small boxes and around the garage.

Officials said that they found four recently deceased roosters in a barrel behind the garage on the property.

“It is hard to believe that people can be so cruel as to raise and fight animals to the death for amusement and personal gain,” said BCSPCA executive director Linda Reider in a statement. “We will remain tireless in our efforts to bring those responsible to justice while we care for these injured and abused animals.”

According to the Bucks County SPCA, the other roosters were found to have injuries and deep puncture wounds likely the result of fighting. The caged animals also had no food and had frozen water bowls.

Bucks County SPCA stated that charges are pending against the residents of the property. The animal rescuers relocated all 49 animals and each now has “a safe individual space without threat of harm.”