A Guide to Modular Panel Gamecock Pens

Once you’ve decided to breed or raise a gamefowl, there are a lot of factors that you should consider. When raising a fighting rooster, not only do you have to ensure to feed it well for it to grow strong and train it accordingly, but you also have to give it the best living conditions.

This means that you don’t just put a gamefowl in a cage and call it a day; instead, you have to get the bird a proper pen that gives it adequate space to rest, sleep, and stay in for long periods in a day. Here’s a quick guide on modular panel gamecock pens.

Gamecock PEns

A gamecock pen is used to provide shelter as well as a place for a rooster to feed and rest. It is fenced-in, allowing gamefowls to move around and explore while being isolated and kept away from other animals that they may potentially fight.

Many gamecock breeders build their own gamefowl pens to suit their specific needs, but ready-made pens can also be bought. Using modular panels to construct various gamecock pens can be handy as you can modify them according to your own configurations.

Octagon Gamecock Pen

An octagon gamecock pen has more area than a square pen. Typically, octagon pens will have a panel width of 2 units and use around 8 modular panels.

Circle gamecock Pen

A circular pen can be highly beneficial as gamefowls move positively and actively in them. They are close to the octagon in shape and therefore can have the same benefits as that of an octagon pen.

Square Gamecock Pen

Square pens can seem a bit small, but they are ideal for those who don’t have many gamefowls or only have limited space. If you want a proper square pen, 8 modular panels with a width of 2 units and a pen perimeter of 16 units should work.

Rectangle Gamecock Pen

Rectangle pens require a lot of space, taking up 100% more area than a square and 31% more area than an octagon. If you have a lot of gamefowl and a lot of space, the birds will benefit greatly from a rectangle pen.

For a rectangle pen perimeter with 24 units, you’ll want 12 modular panels and have a pen length dimension of 8 units and a width dimension of 4 units.

Final Note

Gamefowl need houses to live in too. When you raise and breed gamefowls, it is optimal to give them the best living conditions possible as it could bring great benefits to their overall health.

There are several types of gamefowl pens that use modular panels; choose which one suits your fighting roosters the best in order to raise them well.